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Joker BoJo plays for laughs but mocking France risks reprisals from President Macron that could seriously hurt Global Britain

James Davenport
Damian Wilson is a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK

Peter Doocy To Nervous Jen Psaki: “The President Likes To Say ‘America Is Back,’ But His Policies Have Afghans Beating Americans And Handing Babies Over Barbed Wire Fences…Is That What He Meant?” [VIDEO]

B.K. House
Circle back Psaki is the reigning queen of non-sensical nuance. When she can’t, won’t, or is incapable of answering a

France Releases Details Of Phone Call Revealing French President Macron Lecturing Joe Biden On His “Moral Responsibility”

Patty McMurray
According to the White House, the incompetent Joe Biden never bothered to call foreign leaders to discuss his disastrous attempt

President Trump’s Statement Following Savage Attack On Democrat Barbara Boxer Blaming “Communist Democrats” For Destroying Our Cities Saying If They’re Not Stopped “Our Country Will Be Lost Forever”

B.K. House
If the Democrats’ stated goal was to destroy the U.S., what exactly would they do differently? Over the past decades,