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One of America’s Largest Voting Machine Makers Admitted in 2018 To Dem Lawmaker REMOTE-ACCESS Software Was INSTALLED In System Used To Count Election Results

James Davenport
On July 17, 2018, almost two years after President Trump won the election, Newsweek published a disturbing article about how Election
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EXCLUSIVE: The Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots within the 2020 Election May Be As Guilty as Voting Machine Companies in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results

James Davenport
The printing corporations who provided ballots for the 2020 Election could also be as guilty as the voting machine corporations
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Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin Wants to Purchase $100 MILLION in Voting Machine Equipment – But Louisianians Are Pushing Back

James Davenport
Louisiana voters are usually not shopping for the Republican Secretary of State’s request for the state to purchase $100 million
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BREAKING: Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin Needs to be Stopped – He Wants to Change Law So that He Alone Can Authorize Purchase $100 Million in Voting Machine Equipment

James Davenport
The Republican Secretary of State in Louisiana is at it again.  He’s trying to make changes to the law that
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Subway in Walmart in Brownsville fouls inspection; black and pink residue inside of the bulk ice machine above the water reservoir

James Davenport
Brownsville, PA Walmart Supercenter134 DANIEL KENDALL DRBROWNSVILLE, PA 15417724-785-5100 The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory