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One of America’s Largest Voting Machine Makers Admitted in 2018 To Dem Lawmaker REMOTE-ACCESS Software Was INSTALLED In System Used To Count Election Results

James Davenport
On July 17, 2018, almost two years after President Trump won the election, Newsweek published a disturbing article about how Election
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MONDAY NIGHT AMERICA’S AUDIT UPDATE: 80% COUNTED – Ken Bennett Says “Several Weeks” Before Auditors will Confirm or Deny Biden’s Win (Video)

James Davenport
On Monday afternoon, The Gateway Pundit correspondent, Jordan Conradson spoke with Arizona Audit Senate Liasion Ken Bennett for the latest
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MUST SEE: Update on America’s Audit: Approaching 1 MILLION BALLOTS Counted and Inspected — Audit Director Says, “They’re Trying to Prevent Us from Doing the Audit”

James Davenport
On Thursday, Jordan Conradson sat down again with Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen for updates on the