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‘DEPRAVED AND CALCULATED’ | Dallas Woman Accused of ‘Orchestrating Murder’ of Her American Airlines Exec Husband #2021CrimeWave

James Davenport
FOX 4 DALLAS – Jennifer Lynne Faith, the Oak Cliff woman whose boyfriend allegedly shot her husband to death, has

Mom and 2-Yr-Old Boy With Asthma Reportedly Kicked Off American Airlines Flight, Greeted By Police, Over Baby’s Refusal to Keep Mask On His Face [VIDEO]

Patty McMurray
Our world has literally gone nuts! People are losing their common sense, and in the process, they’re losing their humanity.

BOMBSHELL INFORMATION: Biden Bowed to Taliban Who ‘Denied Permission to Shoot’…U.S. Predator Drone had ‘Kill Shot’ on Terrorist Before He Killed 13 American Heroes

Leisa Audette
As if things couldn’t get worse for Biden and his military leaders. It is being reported that a U.S. Predator