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STUNNING Close-Up VIDEO Shows Shootout With Violent Mexican Drug Cartel…Is This The Violent America “Open Borders” Democrats Are Trying To Create?

Patty McMurray
Remember in 2016, when President Trump warned that under Barack Obama’s leadership, Mexico was not sending us “their finest?” As

“Never underestimate Trump’s ability to fire up his base”…Democrats Already Anxious Over Trump 2024 With Huge ‘Save America’ Rally Planned for Saturday

Leisa Audette
With Joe Biden’s polls sinking, Democrats are anxious about Trump’s possible White House run in 2024. What makes matters worse

Peter Doocy To Nervous Jen Psaki: “The President Likes To Say ‘America Is Back,’ But His Policies Have Afghans Beating Americans And Handing Babies Over Barbed Wire Fences…Is That What He Meant?” [VIDEO]

B.K. House
Circle back Psaki is the reigning queen of non-sensical nuance. When she can’t, won’t, or is incapable of answering a