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Jan 6th Rediscovered Politics

Tucker Takes Pelosi To Task For Her Sham January 6- Committee Calling One Of Her Witnesses “An Angry Leftwing Political Activist” [VIDEO]

B.K. House
Tucker Carlson has been talking about the January 6th Capitol incident a lot lately. He is raising questions that no

SHOCK VIDEO: Seattle-Area Muslim Activist Running For King County Council Once Boarded a Bus Comprehensive of Kids and Threatened to Blow It Up (VIDEO)

James Davenport
Ubax Gardheere, a Seattle-area Muslim activist operating for King County Council boarded the Highline School District bus comprehensive of kids

WATCH: #JusticeForAdrie MI Judge Confronted For Setting $7,500 Bail For 40-Yr-Old Accused Child Rapist Who Immediately Went On Raping, Murder, Carjacking, Hostage-Taking Killing Spree

James Davenport
#JusticeForAdrie Location On May 26, 40-year-old “habitual criminal” Isaiah Gardenhire was captured and charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl