The Philadelphia Post-Intelligencer

Principles of Ethical Conduct For Newsrooms

James Davenport

The Philly Post-Intelligencer’s Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms consists of ideas and language developed by the Radio and Television Digital News Association, different Philly PI paperwork, and an organization of Philly PI executives and journalists. These rules are designed to guide journalists working with any news platform, together with newspapers, websites, mobile units, video, social media channels, and live story proceedings.


I. Seeking and reporting the reality in a truthful manner

We will surely be sincere in the way in which we collect, report and present news – with relevancy, persistence, context, thoroughness, balance, and equity in mind.
We will search to increase understanding of the communities, people and issues we cover to offer an enlightened account of actions.
We will maintain factual info in editorials and different opinion pieces to the identical standards of accuracy as news stories.
We will deal with data from unofficial sources, which can comprise social media, with skepticism and will search to corroborate information.
When contemplating news content material created outside of the Network, we are going to factor in the credibility of the source and weigh the worth and accuracy of information supplied.

II. Serving the general public interest

We will uphold First Amendment principles to serve the journalistic process.
We will likely be vigilant watchdogs of government and institutions that have an effect on the general public, fighting to make sure that the public’s business is performed in public.
We will search options also as expose issues and wrongdoing with the intention to impact change for the good within the communities we serve.
We will present public forums for diverse individuals and views.
We will mirror and encourage understanding of the varied segments of our neighborhood.
We will present editorial and community leadership.
We will search to promote understanding of complicated issues.
When sharing editorials and different opinion articles, we are going to encourage and promote views that foster understanding, perception, and civil discourse. We seek to supply viewpoints that characterize numerous views on a specific matter.
We will take into account offering free access to some news commentary throughout public security emergencies and as a public service when applicable, such as elections.

III. Exercising honest play

We will deal with individuals with respect and compassion.
We will correct errors promptly.
We will attempt to incorporate all sides related to a story. When news develops and we can’t comprise necessary views immediately, we are going to share updates, together with additional sources, when attainable. We additionally will share attempts to reach sources who add worth to the story.
We will clarify to audiences our journalistic processes to promote transparency and engagement.
We will give specific consideration to equity in relations with individuals unaccustomed to dealing with the news media.
We will use confidential sources as the only foundation for printed information solely as a last resort and underneath particular procedures that best serve the general public’s right to know.

V. Acting with integrity

We will act honorably and ethically in dealing with news sources, the general public, and our colleagues.
We will obey the law.
We will observe requirements of decency.
We will take duty for our selections and take into account the potential consequences of our actions.
We will surely be conscientious in observing these principles.
We will use technological instruments with talent and thoughtfulness, avoiding approaches that skew facts, distort reality, or sensationalize proceedings.
We will not plagiarize or fabricate data.
We will not alter photographs, video, or audio to misrepresent proceedings or mislead audiences.