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Dog The Bounty Hunter Insists Hunt For Brian Laundrie Still On Despite Injuring His Ankle

@DogBountyHunter/Twitter/Moab Police Department

Dog the Bounty Hunter may be out of action, but the search for Brian Laundrie continues.

Laundrie, 23, is still off the grid. His parents reported him missing on September 17, less than a week after his fiancé Gabby Petito also vanished and shortly before her remains were discovered in Wyoming, near where they’d been on a cross-country trip prior to Laundrie returning home alone.

While he’s a person of interest in her homicide, he’s not a suspect. However, a federal warrant for his arrest on ‘use of unauthorised devices’ charges has seen Dog, real name Duane Lee Chapman, join the search, and he’s not letting an injury get in the way.

The reality star – who isn’t actually a licensed bounty hunter – recently injured his ankle during the manhunt. For the time being, his team said he was returning to Colorado to meet with his doctor and continue to raise funds for the ‘expensive’ search.

‘Team says he’s put together a talented network of local team members he calls the ‘Florida Team’ that will continue the search while he’s gone. He says he will continue to process leads in Colorado while he’s there,’ WFLA‘s Josh Benson earlier tweeted.

His team has now further assured that Dog has ‘not ended his search for Brian Laundrie… Dog and Francie Chapman need to attend to a variety of matters at home in Colorado, including Dog’s ankle injury which occurred during the search,’ spokesperson Jennifer Willingham said in a statement, as per the New York Post.

‘Dog and the team will continue to search until Brian Laundrie is found,’ she added.

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